Follow In The Steps Of Others . . .
And Achieve Their Success!

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What does this really mean?  It means that we need to have faith to take The NEXT Step, when we do not fully understand that next step.  Trust the integrity of the system!

What does this really mean?  This means the same thing that Albert Einstein shared.  We created the problems we have and it’s not until we move to the next dimension, which requires us to trust the integrity of the system that we will be able to solve the problems we current have.

Step 1 – Examination
There are four levels of examination.  Level 1 and 2 examinations are free and Levels 3 and 4 require a very small investment of time and money.  There are a wide range of solutions from conference calls, mastermind groups, seminars / workshops, online classes, free white papers and videos, to one on one coaching.

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Step 2 – Strategy Session
Once we have completed an examination, we are ready for a solution.  Working with someone who has been certified in consulting in the free 30 minute Strategy Sessions through Life Masteries Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we are assured that someone will have the knowledge and experience to help us find the best solution.

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Step 3 – Solution
Most people like three types of solutions, a basic, intermediate and advanced.  The basic is best for those who know they need something, but aren’t sure what, are very analytic and / or where there is little to no money.  The intermediate and advanced are for those who tend to be very intuitive and can sense and take action quickly once the best solution is presented to them.  There is solution for everyone in any situation!

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Step 4 – Commit
Since we’ve done a great examination, we’ve done a thorough strategy session and now have a solution that is best for us we are in a perfect position to COMMIT.  When we commit to the right solution and “Trust The Integrity Of the System!” we will not only overcome our biggest challenges but we will start to build our BOS – Business Operating system which will increase our income and reduce the number of hours we work.

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Step 5 – DO
Imagine . . . having a specially designed BOS – Business Operating System, an engine for your life / business which will assist you to earn the money you know you could earn, work the hours you want to work, have the proper amount of stress in your life and have the balance you desire to have in every area of your life.  Take Action Today!

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Step 6 – THINK
We often spend a lot more time thinking and don’t end up doing.  When we “Trust The Integrity Of The System” we will take faster actions, do the “Do” more.  After we take action we then can think about what actions we’ve taken, think about the next steps to take and think about what we’ve learned and how we can improve our three major systems, DNA for PEOPLE, DNA for BUSINESS and DNA for LIFE.

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Step 7 – SEE
Albert Einstein knew what most of us don’t know and that is that we “SEE” in higher dimensions as a result of taking action and “Doing” not as a result of “Thinking.”  Dimensional Thinking results in Dimensional Living which will empower us to learn to think in a very different way.  This leads us to earning a lot more money, working less, having less stress and having greater life balance via . . . our NEW BOS.

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