The Action Card – For Churches
As leaders in churches, we face so many challenges in so many areas . . . it’s often hard to know where turn for help?

Christian Professional Network (CPN) is a non profit organization committed to helping church leadership.

CPA assists leaders in churches to better connect the pieces of the puzzel with business leaders to partner in Kingdom enterprises.

CPN Can Assist In . . .
● Challenges with people
● Financial
● Strategic planning
● Improving participation
● Partnering with business
owners and others within
the community

CPN is totally funded through contribution of business owners and leaders who have a passion for helping leaders in churches to be more effective in building the Kingdom.

There is no cost to leaders or churches to participate in the many mastermind groups, systems, tools, networks and resources. Everything is available to church leaders AND everyone in the congregation as
leaders determine what resources are needed.

“The Action Card”
We look forward to connecting…

How do I solve my biggest challenge / problems?  

My Story . . . “I wish I would have discovered CPN years ago. Wow has it made a
huge difference in every area of my ministry and life! It’s helping me to have
more time with my wife, my children. I have less stress and I am better using the
gifts for those God has given me responsibility over.” Pastor Steve

FREE Mastermind Group
Every Saturday for 30 minutes
10:00 am (et), 9:00 (ct), 8:00 (mt), 7:00 (pt)
– 712-775-7031
– Code: 688-592#

    3. If someone could help me in any area of my life, what would I love help on?

    Which of the following shapes would you tend to like the most, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

    Which of these four things would tend to cause you the most frustration?

    Not being done properly /out of order
    Out of control
    Boring and/or not fun
    Conflict with people