The Action Card – For Ladies

As a women, we face so many challenges in so many areas . . . it’s often hard to know where to turn for help?

Are you stressed, working too many hours, having financial challenges, having demands from family, friends and those you work with? Life Masteries Institute (LMI) is a 501c3 non profit organization and can help. Where can we find help?

We Will Learn . . .
● Gain confidence
● Discover Our Life Vision
● Overcome self doubt
● Turn Passions into $ $ $
● Pursue our passions
● Live our Life Vision
● Determine our destiny
● Develop A Life Plan
● Work with positive mentors

Would you benefit from connecting with other women who have experienced what you are experiencing now . . . and could help?

As women, we often need an encouraging word OR maybe we need a helping hand OR maybe we need a network of other women who could assist us with insights, tools, systems and / or networks to help us accomplish far more together than we could on our own.

“The Action Card”
We look forward to connecting…

How do I solve my biggest challenge / problems?  

My Story . . . “The LMI network and Awesome Women have helped me in my career in earning more money, working less hours and reducing my stress.  The resource libraries and mastermind groups have helped me with my marriage, with my daughter and with family and friends. Thank you!”    Elise


FREE Mastermind Group
Every Saturday for 30 minutes
10:00 am (et), 9:00 (ct), 8:00 (mt), 7:00 (pt)
– 712-775-7031
– Code: 688-592#

    3. If someone could help me in any area of my life, what would I love help on?

    Which of the following shapes would you tend to like the most, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

    Which of these four things would tend to cause you the most frustration?

    Not being done properly /out of order
    Out of control
    Boring and/or not fun
    Conflict with people