Step 1: Examination – Are you looking for solutions to your problems or the problems of people around you? Check this out . . .

There are a number of “Action Cards” available for different groups of individuals. If you have a group of individuals you would like an “Action Card” created for specifically, please select the one that is the best fit and complete it. In your 30 minute Strategy Session talk to your certified consultant about what it would take to create a customized “Action Card.”

Step 2: Solutions
Once we complete the best “The Action Card” then the best strategy is to complete a 30 minute Strategy Session. As soon as you compete your very own 30 minute Strategy Session and/or complete the 30 minute Strategy Session on someone else, please register.

As a result of completing your strategy session and registering you gain membership to the amazing Legacy Partner Network. There is no cost to join this group and you’ll be amazed as to all the great people you’ll meet AND the powerful and profitable opportunities which you experience.

There are many different types of solutions available. Your certified consultant who completed your 30 minute Strategy Session can assist you with the best solution based on the information you provide in your strategy session.

There are solutions available for our challenges / problems we often don’t know where to go for the solutions and/or once we have a solution we don’t do well in following through.

The following are some amazing libraries others have found to be helpful and we hope you will as well.

visionTechHave you discovered your Life Vision . . . the reason you were placed on this planet? If not, you’ll want to go through this fun and powerful short exercise. Once we discover our Life Vision we are in a far better position to understand our challenges / problems and how to turn those things which are hurting us . . . into things which help us.

Step 3: Implementation
Once complete the 30 minute Strategy Session and determine the best solutions, implementation is often the most difficult thing to do for people. We make it easy as a result of many different possible ways to implement. What implementation strategy is best for you?

Certification In 30 Minute Strategy Session
Have you ever wondered if there was a way to connect with more people and do it faster? If you’re in business and/or community based organizations would you like to learn a powerful process by which you can assist someone find solutions for their biggest challenge and connect with them at a very deep level in 30 minutes?

When we become certified in The 30 Minute Strategy Session, we are able to assist individuals to learn how to see and think in new and exciting ways which will change their lives forever as our life will also be changed.

If you decide to go through the course, please email and let them know you are taking the course so they can assist you in taking the course and provide you with additional assistance and resources to assist you gain the most benefit in the shortest amount of time.

Questions . . . please call 888.230.2300 or the US based number 630.393.9909 for additional assistance, support and / or questions.