2. Ask Powerful Questions – 30 Minute Strategy Session

Have you ever wished you were more persuasive? Would you like to convert more of your prospects into clients and gain more Profitable Partnerships. “This short and easy course has changed the way so many people around the world do business.”

In this short course you will learn the value and power of the 30 Minute Strategy Session. Learn how to draw people in, how to build trust in seconds, how to create curiosity, identify their personality in seconds and intrigue those you talk with.

The Value

The Value How do we bring massive value in very little time to those we talk with each and every day? How do we leverage the connections that each and every person has in our network?

After you listen to this recording, share it with others we know. The more people in our network who understand and the power of working together the more money we all earn and the less hours we all work.

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Scripts & Tips & Emails for the 30 minute Strategy Session

The 30 Minute Strategy Session is one of the most powerful things a sales person can learn to convert more leads into clients and do so quickly.

The following written script and tips will assist you as you listen and learn from the four lessons.  We also recommend that you actually write out, by hand, the scripting as well, as that will help us to learn at a deeper level.

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1. The Set Up

Have we ever had something not work . . . and we wonder why?  The setup may be the most powerful part of the entire process and we often just miss it.  DO NOT underestimate the importance of the set up and how that creates success throughout the entire process.  

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2. Level 1 - Foundation Questions

How do you get people to like you? How do you get people more interested in talking with you than you are with them? The whole purpose of Level 1 questions is to create so much curiosity that people feel they have to talk to you.

Get people to become interested in talking with you.

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3. Level 2 - Qualifying Questions

Have you ever invested a lot of time into a prospect only to find out that maybe you didn’t want to even work with them in the end? Level 2 questions are designed to see if you want to work with the person.

The faster we can determine if we want to work with a prospect the more money we will earn, the less hours we will work and the less stress we will have.

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4. NEXT Steps . . .

What is the secret to success in being able to sell in 30 minutes anywhere at any time to anyone?

Now that we have mastered the Set-Up, Level 1 and Level 2 questions we’re ready to learn how to do Level 3 and 4 questions. We’re also ready to learn Insight Selling . . . in addition to Solution Selling. When we combine the two, Solution Selling along with Insight Selling we make the competition irrelevant.

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Now What?

Congrats on completing the lessons..Now the hard part is..NOW WHAT? How do you go on through after everything you leaned? What do you need to do? How well do you take notes? Find out more by clicking on the FREE lesson.

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Box 1: Identify Targets
Looking to work less hours? Believe it or not . . . this is the number one action a business owner can do to reduce the number of hours they work. Why? Think about it . . . we as owners largely make money based on the number of people we connect, communicate with, sell and service. If we have an active database we are able to increase that number and it won’t take us any longer to connect / communicate to 30,000 as it does 1 person.

This is the fastest and easiest thing for any business owner to do to earn a lot more money, work a lot less hours, have less stress, more life balance and consistency in our sales and profits.

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Box 2: Develop & Deliver A Message
Would you like greater consistency in sales / profits? Once we get our databases in place the next things we need to do is to communicate to that database in a way, that they understand at a deep level, as to how we can assist them in solving their biggest challenges / problems. We need to learn how to communicate every week in a way that brings added value . . . which in turn builds our relationship and trust with all those in our databases.

The larger the database the more people we are building relationships and trust on a daily basis. We’re doing this in a cost effective way and a way that reaches a lot of people with very little effort and cost.

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Box 3: Track 100% of Leads
Looking to earn a lot more money? This seems like a pretty easy thing to do . . . “Track 100% of our leads” when in fact, in this lesson, we’re going to learn that this action, Box 3 on The 5/30 Grid, actually is the “Air Traffic Controller.” When done probably, we can double our sales by converting more of our leads into clients.

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Box 4: Ask Key Questions
Would you like to close sales a lot faster with less effort? When we learn to ask the right questions, in the right way, at the right time, based on someone’s personality we will not only close leads a lot faster but we’ll convert more of our leads into clients.

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Are you looking for a system to generate more and better leads, convert more leads into sales, convert those leads faster . . . AND . . . gain more referrals from clients and profitable partners? GTing IT (Golden Triangle) is the magical system of taking the first six boxes within The 5/30 Grid and have our own engineered system run like a flawless machine.

Are you overwhelmed? If you are, that’s alright . . . because there is a great deal which was shared. There are many ways to create a BOS – Business Operating System, of which GTing IT is a very big part of The 5/30 Grid.

If you would like help from an BOS engineering firm to help you engineer a custom BOS specifically for you / your company please complete a short online questionnaire and review the following.

Do you need more time? Could you benefit from individuals who are experienced to actually come in and do everything for you? E-VA, Executive Virtual Assistants are highly experienced individuals in GTing IT as well as building and running all other areas within your BOS.

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