Become Certified

Are you interested in getting powerful and profitable connections from many sources? Are you looking to help / bring a lot more value to a lot more people, without it taking much time?

Becoming certified, through Legacy Partners, in The 30 Minute Strategy Session (30 MSS) will assist you to see greater success in all ares of life, personally as well as professionally.

What value is there to become certified?
The following are just a few of the many benefits to becoming certified.

  • Referrals ~ Legacy Partners is a worldwide group of business owners and business / community leaders who strongly recommend The 30 MSS as a way of bringing value.
  • Partnership Opportunities ~ Connect with leaders and form strategic partnerships.
  • Training / Mentoring ~ Specialized training and mentoring to properly apply the 30 MSS to help individuals earn a lot more money while working less.
  • Leadership & Team Development Resources ~ Tools, systems, videos, media and technology which are connected into the 30 MSS.
  • Mastermind Groups ~ Mastermind groups are available to connect in and through as a result of being certified in the 30 MSS.

Is there a cost to becoming certified?
There is no cost to become certified. Being certified can bring tens of thousands of dollars of benefit to you and those around you. Introduce this to everyone you know. The more individuals certified the more value to being certified.

It is strongly recommended that those who are certified in completion of the 30 MSS register and join in a weekly mastermind group.

Do you know that the average person knows 250 people and the average business owner knows over 5,500 people? One of the most important actions to success is learning how to build our network, i.e. talk to strangers.

Discovering our Life Vision and living that every day gives our courage to reach out and talk more to others. These seven lessons are not required to become certified but are so very powerful, you’ll want to go through them.

Step 1: Ask Someone Their Biggest Challenge
Step 2: Complete A 30 minute Strategy Session
Step 3: Work with mentor / buddy to determine best solution

Overcoming our fear of strangers will double our income and help us to work less. Check out this short lesson and DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the power of what this one lesson could have in our lives.