GT IT – Golden Triangle It!

The Golden Triangle is the corner stone to the entire 5/30 Grid and in many ways the entire BOS – Business Operating System. Every team, every member on the team should know GT IT means and how it works. If we’re working to generate a lot of sales and / or recruit, raising funds for a great cause, generate awareness and/or volunteers.

If it has to do with money and/or people then GT IT is the way to go.

FULL 10 Minute Version 3 minute version

GT + Box 12 + Media and Cloning The Best This session is most interesting as it’s really one of the first times we talk at a very deep level about the new Media – Web – Technology network within Life Masteries Institute and how this amazing media – web – technology network will change the world. Not only will it clone the owner of a company but will be able to clone the best practices from the most skilled and advanced people.

8 year old boy GTing ITGoing Deep

“GT IT” in 3 minutes

Start: Have a product service and know our goal

  1. Box 1: Identify Targets – Identify the group of people to market to.
    Know this group so well that we give them a good message.
  2. Box 2: Develop & Deliver A Message – Sticky Message.
  3. Box 3: Track 100% Of Leads – Organize all leads and air traffic them to right sources.
  4. Box 4: Ask Key Questions – Take high quality leads and ask four levels of questions.
  5. Box 5: Strategic Strike – Touch prospect 10+ times.
    1. Use Box 12: Magic Seed System to convert more leads to clients.
    2. Use Box 12: Testimonies that move people through marketing model faster.
  6. Box 6: Group People & Messages – Obtain better results through laser focus.