8 year old boy GTing IT

Nolan is an 8 year old young man and was seeking to learn how to learn how to sell more things for Boy Scouts. What’s interesting about this case study is how easy it really is to gain the knowledge of how to GT IT.

Now . . . having the surface knowledge and the deep knowledge is two very different things. You can learn the surface knowledge along with Nolan by listening to what Nolan listened to.

The Q&A on the lesson you learn with Nolan is also most interesting as well. Manage Up/Out to others in your mastermind groups and networks.

Now . . . that you’ve learned it . . . pretty simple, isn’t it?  Well . . . maybe not.  Will you and Nolan follow through with what you both learned together?  Statistically . . . probably not.  Why not?  Hmmm . . . there are many reasons people don’t follow through but big picture is that people don’t know Wii-FM, Consistency & Commitment, Drive & Discipline, Clear Communication, Success . . . Through Self Vaporization and How To Be The Best Student In The World In Everything // Phase 1 for being an Amazing Team Member.

Now . . . reading the above white papers IS very different than knowing how to apply the white papers. See . . . Nolan “learned” how to GT IT but won’t know it until he does it. Since Nolan is 8 years old, he probably alone won’t follow through on his own . . . he will need someone else DRIVING this forward.

When Nolan and you 🙂 follow through with what you know, you’ll realize that what seemed simple and easy, actually WAS . . . in a way . . . but in a way it was also very challenging. The more we know the more we know we don’t know.

If you find yourself not following through with GTing IT then maybe Nolan or one of his friends through Young Entrepreneurs can coach you and hold you accountable to follow through.

WARNING . . . They can be really tough. Remember boys from the ages of 8 to . . . well maybe 98 do not like to be told what to do by others . . . and would love to “kick your butt” and impose some discipline on you if you don’t take action and follow through.

Young boys and girls as well through Legacy Partners coaching certification are empowered to realize that their parents and their teachers and their coaches don’t accept excuses for not getting things done they should . . . so they are taught to “return the favor” . . . and not accept your excuses.

If you would like one of these Young Entrepreneurs to assist you please call 888.230.2300 or 630.393.9909 and you will be introduced to a Young Entrepreneur and they will assist you in taking action and following through with what you and Nolan have learned together. 🙂

Remember . . . Deep Knowledge Comes From Taking Action!

If we say “I know how to do something” . . . but aren’t doing it . . . we actually do not have deep knowledge. There are four reasons why people “Know But Don’t Do.”

1. We don’t know the true VALUE of doing something.
2. We don’t know the true COST of not doing something.
3. We don’t know how to do something with current resources.
4. We don’t know how to make it fun to do.