There is a SIMPLE 3 step process for solving any challenge / problem.  To create success in every area of our life we need to apply the 7 Steps To Success.  When we use both the 3 and 7 Step process we will change the way we do business quickly.  Additional detailed information is available ab out all three steps by clicking on the follow steps or visiting
Once we complete The Action Card someone will connect to schedule a Complimentary 30 Minute Strategy Session.  Go into this Strategy Session expecting that our lives / businesses will be changed . . . as it has for so many other individuals.
Normally individuals prefer three types of solutions, a basic, intermediate and advanced.  Your certified consultant will assist you in looking at three types of solutions and which one is best for you.  
For most of us, the hardest of the three steps is following through, i.e. implementation.  There are many types of solutions and finding you the best solution will insure strong follow through on your behalf.  
The Action Card is a powerful tool offered through Coffee Connections, Legacy Partners and Life Masteries Institute.  Life Masteries Institute is a 501c3 non profit organization developed to assisting businesses and communities partner together to assist individuals achieve their full potential.
There are a large number of free and low investment solutions.  For some programs the are scholarships available as well.  Solutions offered through the Legacy Partner and other network communities provide strong financial and time returns for solutions which require a larger investment.
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To double our income and reduce the number of hours we work we need to have a more effective and/or larger engine.  We call this the BOS – Business Operating System.  We earn the money we earn, work the hours we work, have the stress and life balance we do or do not have as a result of our BOS, the engine which runs our business.
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One aspect of the BOS is the DNA for BUSINESS or The 5/30 Grid.  When we apply The 5/30 Grid to our business, we earn a lot more money, while working less hours and having less stress.  Ask your certified consultant for all the possible ways to learn how to build and implement your engine, your 5/30 Grid and even more exciting to get someone else to do it on your behalf.  

The Action Card – What is your Biggest Challenge?

DNA for Success

Do we know that as a business owner OR as a community based organization leader each challenge we are facing can be solved through the right BOS – Business Operating System?


The 5/30 Solution Grid

G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7
G29 G30 G31 G32 G33 G34 G35

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How do I solve my biggest challenge / problems? 
My Story . . .
“Legacy Partners has helped me solve so many business and personal challenges it’s amazing!  As a CPA and financial planner I am now using all that I have learned from Legacy Partners to help my clients solve their biggest challenges as well.”
Randy Eikermann – CPA – Business Owner

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