The Action Card – For Young People
As a young person, growing up into today’s world there are many challenges and even more questions.
We may be facing challenges with friends, school, parents, siblings, grades. We may have challenges with lack of confidence, anxiety, depression, and fears. Where can we find help?

We Will Learn . . .
● Gain confidence
● Improve freindships
● Discover Our Life Vision
● Overcome self doubt
● Pursue our passions
● Live our Life Vision
● Determine our destiny
● Develop A Life Plan
● Work with positive mentors

Parents . . . Life Masteries Institute is a non profit organization which has large library of resources for young people and a group of parents, just like you, who volunteer to help young people.
It’s fun to learn about ourselves, our unique personality type and how by understanding our personality we are able to learn to solve our biggest challenges, improve our friendships, value our parents and other adults

“The Action Card”
We look forward to connecting…

How do I solve my biggest challenge / problems?  

My Story… “I’m not a very social person and struggle with depression, fear and feelings of self worth at times. This group helped me write my first book, helped me to become a national speaker and is helping me gain confidence, earn money and actually start my own business. Thank you!”
Tim – 15 year old

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    Which of the following shapes would you tend to like the most, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

    Which of these four things would tend to cause you the most frustration?

    Not being done properly /out of order
    Out of control
    Boring and/or not fun
    Conflict with people